Interactive Light Object

Interactive light object

This object is a tool for occupational therapy. Post-stroke patients and others who need this kind of therapy method, can train their fine motor skills and coordination. When pressing on a line, direct feedback is given by lighting up that part of the pattern. User will understand, that they have hit the targeted area. Different shapes, numbers and letters can be formed as an excercise given by a therapiast.

Panel is covered with a soft, tactile, waterproof silicone, covered in a grid of vertical, horisontal and diagonal lines, that stand out in a relief. Silicone shell is waterproof and can be washed.

This project grew out of a student group project in Estonian Academy of Arts supervised by Kärt Ojavee. It was commissioned by a Diakonia Hospital in Tallinn.

Materials: Steel case, wiring, LED lights, textile, soft switches, Arduino microcontrollers, silicone

Programming: Jaan Rebane

Project year: 2015

Annika Kaldoja_Interactive Light Panel.jpg
Annika Kaldoja_Interactive Light Panel2.jpg