Tutoring: Project Algae

Tutoring: Project Algae

Tutoring partners: Kärt Ojavee (EKA), Kadri Saluri TLÜ)

During this course Estonian algae was used as a resource for novel material development. Students were asked to pick algae and seaweed from different locations to generate an understanding of available local materials. It was then analysed with an expert and the findings were mapped as available material from Estonian waters.

Two abundant types of algae in the Baltic Sea — brown algae Fucus vesiculosus and red algae Furcellaria lumbricaliswere chosen to further study in the laboratory of Tallinn University. Using self harvested algae students extracted polysaccharides, that could be used for further material explorations.

After two months of workshops, research, experimentations and concept developments, five different material proposals were made. 

Project year: 2018