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Exhibition: Biomaterials on Display

Exhibition: Biomaterials on Display

Co-curator: Kärt Ojavee

Partner tutors: Kärt Ojavee, Erki Nagla

Location: Mektory, Tallinn (Edit: later also exhibited in Estonian Academy of Arts)

This exhibition displayed materials of bio-origin, developed and made by students of Estonian Academy of Arts in Design and Architecture faculties during the period of 2015–2017. There are four Master’s thesis projects and various examples from short-term courses that have focused on materials. 

We live in an era characterised by materials that are designed to never decay, forming a layer in soil that will be a symbol to this century, to be discovered and handled by future generations. This fact is one of the reasons why young designers are interested in developing new materials and contribute to experimenting with various possibilities of how to leave no trace or make less harm to our planet. 

Besides a number of shorter term experiments, like the ones with different biopolymers, nano-cellulose, mycofoam, bacterial cellulose and various filling materials in order to test alternatives to synthetic polymers, there are four Master’s thesis projects presented. Marie Vinter in her explorations with silk is rather speculative, concentrating on different states of this material in laboratory work, leaving functionality aside. Annika Kaldoja and Katrin Kabun are looking for alternative uses for local waste materials, like coffee grounds and waste wool in combination with different biopolymers. Märten Peterson in collaboration with scientists from University of Tartu is looking for alternative uses of oil shale ash, proposing a vision of vernacular architecture with composite building blocks. 

Within this exhibition the focus is on material and process, not necessarily the final function. There might be several objectives for each material provided here. As a learning process, it has been a possibility for many, to grow, mix or compose a material of ones own and analyse the use of materials around us. The exposition provided here might be an inspiration for conversations with other fields of study and industry. 

In the center of the gallery stands a display table that was designed by Kaisa Sööt and built by EKA master students of Interior Architecture. The table is grown from sawdust and mycelium.

Students in exhibition design team: Kaisa Sööt, Ahmad Hussein, Tamara Istanbouli, Kadri Kallaste, Seyedeh Sarina Masoumi, Kristiine Špongolts, Andrea Lozano, Eva-Maria Truusalu

Photos: Tõnu Tunnel

Project year: 2018

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