Interactive Light Object

Interactive light object

This object is a tool for occupational therapy. Post-stroke patients and others in need of this kind of therapy method, can train their fine motor skills and coordination. When pressing on a tactile line, direct feedback is given by lighting up that part of the pattern. Different shapes, numbers and letters can be formed as an exercise given by a therapist. Alternatively it can be used as a learning tool for children or as a lighting object.

Panel is concealed with a soft, tactile, waterproof silicone, covered in a grid of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, that stand out in a relief. Silicone shell is waterproof and can be washed when removed.

This project grew out of a student group project in Estonian Academy of Arts supervised by Kärt Ojavee. It was commissioned by a Diakonia Hospital in Tallinn.

Materials: Steel case, wiring, LED lights, textile, soft switches, Arduino microcontrollers, silicone

Programming: Jaan Rebane

Project year: 2015

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